Sight In a Firearm – Outdoor Range

Properly and Safely Sight In a Firearm

Inspect and clean the bore, especially on a new firearm!

  1. Save time and money by bore sighting the firearm.
  2. Take the initial shot(s) @ 20-25 yards!
  3. Adjust the point of impact by moving the rear sight or scope in the direction you want the shots to move. Be aware that 1/4” of adjustment @ 100 yards means 1/16” @ 25 yards.
  4. Take 2 more shots @ 20-25 yards.
  5. When point of impact is centered move to 50-75 yards.
  6. Take 2 more shots @ 50-75 yards.
  7. Repeat step 4
  8. Gradually move to the desired distance, usually 100 yards.

Some Points to Remember
The last thing you want is for shots to completely miss the backstop or hit the overhead baffle!
A properly sighted firearm will add to your shooting enjoyment. First impressions are lasting impressions so sight your firearm before hunting or target shooting.

Study a ballistic table to determine what distance you want your firearm to be sighted in for.