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Outdoor Range

Effective until further notice.
The outdoor range is closed indefinitely.

Thank you,

The Waterford Sportsman’s Club is pleased to offer a year-round outdoor range for our Members and their Guests. The goal of our facility is to provide a wide variety of recreational shooting opportunities in a casual, safe and family-friendly environment. As with all the Club activities, this shooting range is volunteer operated, volunteer supported and not for profit.

We have a single firing line with two covered pavilions, each of which has 10 firing points.

In the West pavilion, we offer

  • four handgun points at 15 yards
  • one standing rifle point at 18 yards
  • four benchrest or prone rifle points at 25 and 50 yards

In the East pavilion, we offer

  • 10 benchrest or prone rifle points at 25, 100 and 185 yards

To best serve the needs of our Members we are primarily a benchrest facility, shooting at paper or cardboard targets. We do not offer reactive targets such as gongs or silhouettes. Modern smokeless rifle and handgun cartridges are limited to .50 caliber. Shotgun slugs and blackpowder firearms of all gauges and calibers are allowed.

Being a general recreational shooting range, we rarely close the range on a regular shooting day for competitive shooting. Our range is member-supervised, and a club-certified Range Control Officer (RCO) must be present at any time the range is active. Members interested in becoming an RCO are welcome to attend our RCO Course, offered frequently through the year.

A user-pay system supports the operation, maintenance and improvements to the range. Current Range Fees for Members are $5.00/day. Non-members are welcome to shoot as sponsored Guests of a Member, with a Range Fee of $7.00/day plus the single-day Insurance fee of $3.00 that applies to all Guests using any Club facility. Everyone must sign-in and pay the appropriate fees at the Clubhouse before proceeding to the outdoor range, and check-in with the On-duty RCO who has control of the firing line upon entering the outdoor range.

Range Hours
Tuesday    12 pm to 9 pm*
Thursday  12 pm to 9 pm*
Saturday   9am to 5 pm
* Range closes at dusk  (1/2 hour before sunset)

Rifle Section Chair, - [email protected]
Rifle Section Co-Chair,  - [email protected]
RCO Course Inquiry – [email protected]