Sight In a Firearm – Indoor Range

How to Properly & Safely Sight In a Firearm on the Indoor Range

Inspect & clean the bore, especially on a new firearm!

  1. Save time & money by bore sighting the firearm.
  2. Take the initial shot(s) @ 5-7 yards!
  3. Adjust the point of impact by moving the rear sight or scope in the direction you want the shots to move. Be aware that 1/4” of adjustment @ 100 yards means 1/16” @ 25 yards.
  4. Take 2 more shots @ 5-7 yards.
  5. When point of impact is centered move to 10-15 yards.
  6. Take 2 more shots @ 10-15- yards.
  7. Repeat step 3
  8. Gradually move to the desired distance, usually 20-25 yards.

Some Points to Remember

The last thing you want is for shots to hit the overhead baffle!

A properly sighted firearm will add to your shooting enjoyment. First impressions are lasting impressions so sight your firearm in prior to partaking in a hunting or target shooting exercise.

Study a ballistic table to determine what distance you want your firearm to be sighted in for.