Bulls-Eye League

“Handicap” Bulls-eye

Our goal: To consistently put every shot “in the black” @ 20 yards - one shot at a time!

“Handicap” Bulls-eye is a handgun shooting sport in which both expert and novice can  easily and equally participate. Any reasonable quality semi-auto pistol or revolver can be used. Scores are calculated using slow, timed, and rapid-fire targets, each requiring 10 shots, and adding the shooter's “handicap” to achieve a score out of 300. Scores are averaged at year’s end and prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. It is fun, economical, and allows shooters to monitor their progress as their marksmanship skills improve. RIMFIRE matches are held on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of each month and CENTERFIRE matches are held on the LAST WEDNESDAY of each month. Relays begin at 6:30PM. Come on out and “give it a shot!” Below are some of the program’s guidelines.

  1. A special bulls-eye fee of $2.00/relay is required to pay for targets and yearly prizes.
  2. During timed and rapid-fire targets, alibis (malfunctions) may only be cleared in the presence of the Range Control Officer (RCO). The shooter raises a hand and waits for the RCO’s assistance. This does not apply to slow fire targets.
  3. Shooters who cannot attend Wednesdays, may shoot their targets at anytime provided they are witnessed and signed by a fellow bulls-eye shooter as being shot within the guidelines.
  4. Targets are to be hung no less than 10 yards from the firing line but shooters who achieve a subtotal of 200 or more should move their targets to 20 yards. Shooters may use 1 or 2 hands but must shoot freehand. Special legal and safety provisions are provided for junior shooters. (see next page)
  5. Shooters will be permitted to drop their 4 lowest scores but must complete a minimum of 8 scores to qualify for year’s end average and appear on the year end roster.
  6. Shooters are allowed a maximum 12 scores/year. Shooters with more than 12 recorded scores will lose their highest scores to reflect no more than 12.
  7. If unsure about anything, please ask. “Questions prevent mistakes!”