Indoor Range Rules

  1. The range fee of $4.00/day for members, $2.00/day for junior members, and $7.00/day for guests must be paid before shooting. Only cardboard or paper targets are permitted and are available for sale at the front counter or you may bring your own.
  2. Any non-restricted or restricted “rimfire” rifle and any handgun chambered for a “standard handgun cartridge” of .50 caliber (12.7mm) or less may be used. No centerfire rifles, regardless of caliber, or shotshells/shot cartridges, regardless of type, shall be discharged on the indoor range. Due to fire and air quality concerns, black powder is not permitted on the indoor range.
  3. A maximum of 5 rounds of ammunition may be loaded in any gun at any one time and holstered handguns are not permitted!
  4. Carry handguns muzzle down and carry rimfire rifles muzzle up.
  5. No live ammo is allowed on the "safe" bench on the north wall.
  6. Targets must be hung below the centerline of the cardboard target holder.
  7. When shooting is in progress: All shooters and spectators must wear hearing and eye protection. In order to reduce noise in the clubhouse, please open only one door at a time when entering or exiting the range.
  8. Except for club sponsored special events, there will be no more than 12 people on the range at one time. No more than two persons should be at each station. Be courteous and share the range.
  9. Please sweep the range floor, behind, at, and forward of the firing line, when finished shooting to remove spent casings. A broom and dustpan are located on the range north wall. Place “dud” rounds in the container located on the long bench.
  10. If unsure about anything, please ask. “Questions prevent mistakes!”