1. The range fee is $4.00/day for members, $2.00/day for junior members, and $7.00/day for guests and must be paid before shooting. Shooters must sign in and out at the front counter.
  2. Only target and field point arrows are to be used.
  3. Maximum of 5 arrows in a shooter’s quiver at one time.
  4. Please use archery equipment only (longbows and crossbows). No BB guns, slingshots, paintball guns, etc.
  5. No arrows to be nocked while people are downrange.
  6. All spectators are to remain behind the shooters while shooting is in progress.
  7. Call“HOLD” if a perceived unsafe condition arises.
  8. Please report any lost arrows to the executive member on duty.
  9. Always use proper “Archery Range” etiquette.
  10. If unsure about anything, please ask. Questions prevent mistakes!