Executive List 2019

General inquiries generalinfo@wsclub.ca
President W. Tovell president@wsclub.ca
Vice President W. Tovell vp@wsclub.ca
Treasurer D. Marsden treasurer@wsclub.ca
Secretary Vacant secretary@wsclub.ca
Skeet Chairman G. Alexander skeetchair@wsclub.ca
Skeet Co-chairman J. Carter skeetco@wsclub.ca
Trap Chairman J. Moerman trapchair@wsclub.ca
Trap Co-chairman A. Haggith trapco@wsclub.ca
Handgun Chairman B. Smith handgunchair@wsclub.ca
Handgun Co-chairman S. Ryder handgunco@wsclub.ca
Action Shooting Chairman Vacant actionshootingchair@wsclub.ca
Action Shooting Co-chairman I. Herron actionshootingco@wsclub.ca
Rifle Chairman Vacant riflechair@wsclub.ca
Rifle Co-chairman K. Blum rifleco@wsclub.ca
Webmaster Vacant webmaster@wsclub.ca
Social Chair S. Bakker social@wsclub.ca
Grounds Chairman Vacant groundscommittee
Archery Chairman D. Gamble archery@wsclub.ca
Membership Chairman C. Jacob membership@wsclub.ca


No directors outside of the executive list above at this time.

Capital committee: capitalcommittee@wsclub.ca

Constitution & Bylaw committee: constitutioncommittee@wsclub.ca