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Club cleanup day May 7th 2016 Thank you!!!

Hello all,

Picture of clubhouse of front of clubWOW!!!  I have to say I'm speechless !!!  Such a great amount of volunteer workers that showed up for the club clean up and the amount of work that was accomplished was amazing!!  We had approximately 11 more helpers than last year for a  guesstimate of 53 helpers. The weather held out until the late afternoon when mostly everything was completed.   Everyone that showed, for a short or long period, younger or older have done such an important part to make this all run so smoothly and lessen the workload. Our club looks spectacular!!! The team work was extraordinary !!!

Now as for the potluck, we had such a great variety of foods and I'm sure I'll have no disagreement on how delicious it all was!!! It was good to see fellow club members getting to meet other members and making new friends. That made for a pleasant and social lunch, good times and laughs.

Waterford in my eyes is one of the most beautiful clubs I've been to in my travels through Ontario and one of the very few left that are run by all volunteers like ourselves, if not the only.

THANK YOU SO MUCH  to everyone that came out Saturday, that donated their time, their equipment, and showed such dedication to their club.  Waterford is fortunate to have such members as you; it's what keeps the club thriving!!!

New Skeet House renovationsIf we each do one very small thing for the club each time we visited, even picking up one piece of garbage, or a quick sweep, how would the club look?  Don't let clean up day just be one day of the year, but every day the
club is open.

Many members unfortunately can't make the annual clean up day due to prior commitments or unexpected events, but have contributed monetary donations or their time in other ways helping out in different projects throughout the year. These members  also get a huge round of applause and recognition for their contribution they've put forth.

Each of you are an inspiration to the club and other fellow members.  I truly hope in the days, months and years to come, you continue forth and others will hopefully follow your positive ways.

Janice . M.
Trap Chairman